Is Artificial Intelligence the last invention of human kind?

Fabian’s talks are inspiring, challenging, thought-provoking and enriched with humor.

Fabian combines real-life experiences as AI investor and entrepreneur, with his deep insights into the Artificial Intelligence industry.

He charms his audience, and they follow him through an exciting journey into the world of machines and possible futures. 


Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft


Fabian gives the perfect introduction into the world of thinking machines. He can draw a picture of a possible future for the next 5, 50 to 500 years.

He will answer following and more:

  • Why is Artificial Intelligence the most important technology of our generation?
  • Is AI eating our world?
  • What is the impact of AI on society and industry?
  • Will we have a job free future?
  • Impact of AI on finance, retail, mobility and other industries
  • How to applied AI
  • Chances & Challenges in the Age of Machines

Level: New to the topic of Artificial Intelligence or some existing knowledge

For think-tanks, expert groups and policy making; Fabian can provide a deep-dive in various releated topics such as:
  • AI frameworks for ethics
  • Regulation of AI
  • Control & Certification of AI
  • Taxation of AI ownership
  •  AI policy making
  • AI impact on future of work
  • National and Global AI Strategies
  • AI Investments
  • AI Ecosystems

Level: Advanced knowledge to professional 

Overall Fabian is highly flexible and adapts to the needs of his clients. He can talk about any aspect of AI and future technologies. During a briefing call, the client can state his/her expectations and needs. 

Every one of Fabian’s talk is unique and will be written for the audience a few days before the event.


Fabian prefers to talk 40-60 minutes and then have time for Q&A (which often never ends). 

If you are interested to book Fabian, then contact him. 

He is available globally; however located in Berlin (Germany). 

He can talk in ENGLISCH or GERMAN.

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Fabian advises selected clients. Contact him to learn more.

He is highly analytic and well-connected within the AI industry.

He can support with various challenges from funding, scaling to digital transformations and change management.