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Inspiring Keynotes to understand the Age of AI

"Artificial Intelligence must serve Human Kind"

Fabian J. G. Westerheide, CEO of AI for Humans, is an international expert on Artificial Intelligence strategy, entrepreneur and venture capitalist.
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Fabian Westerheide is one of five AI experts to watch in Germany

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Inspiring Keynote Speaker

Fabian is an engaging speaker, who loves to inspire his audience. He speaks highly passionated about his favorite topic: Artificial Intelligence.

Fabian advises governmental institutions including the European Commission, European Space Agency, German parliament, Chinese ministry of technology and departments such as the secretary of defense and foreign ministry, as well as Fortune 500 companies, think-tanks and startups on Artificial Intelligence strategy.

Furthermore Fabian is host of the annual ‚Rise of AI‘, an European conference for 800 leaders in AI and Founding Managing Partner of Asgard – human Venture Capital for Artificial Intelligence.

Selected Refences past Keynotes
Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft
Selected topics to for keynotes and workshops
  • Predicting the impact of Artificial Intelligence on society, economy and politics
  • Is AI eating our world?
  • Artificial Intelligence the last invention of human kind
  • Europe and the global AI arms race
  • Artificial Intelligence and the workfree future
  • The Global Artificial Intelligence Landscape
  • Strategic Opportunities with Artificial Intelligence
  • Risks and Opportunities with Artificial Intelligence
  • (R)Evolution of AI
  • AI and the future of Education
  • AI & Retail
  • Understand and Apply Artificial Intelligence
  • AI within service, sales and support
  • Emotional Artificial Intelligence


The fastest way to reach Fabian is sending an email to f@bootstrapping.me

If you inquire for a keynote, please let him know where and when the event would be. If possible, please add details about the audience as well.

Furthermore you can contact Fabian via Linkedin or twitter.

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